Appreciation Month


Guidestone Compensation Guide

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ONE great way to show appreciation for your pastor and staff is to commit to pray regularly for them (Hebrews 13:17; Acts 20:28; Jeremiah 3:15).


ANOTHER great way to show appreciation for your pastor and staff is to provide appropriately for them and their family.  It is often this time of year that compensation and other benefits are considered.


There are several areas to consider when evaluating how to best provide compensation and coverage for your pastor and staff.

1. PERSONAL INCOME: housing, salary, salary increases, Social Security offset, Christmas/Anniversary/Performance bonus, etc.

2. EMPLOYEE BENEFITS: health insurance – church paid, retirement – church paid, dental, vision, life and/or disability insurance – church paid, educational expense)

3. MINISTRY RELATED EXPENSES: an accountable reimbursement plan that reimburses ministry related vehicle mileage, mobile phone, professional development resources – subscriptions, conferences, books, Georgia Baptist Convention, Southern Baptist Convention, etc.


All churches are not able to provide all of three these.  However, some are.  Some can provide more than what they currently are providing.  Churches should strive to provide the best provision for those who minister to them not the least amount (James 4:17).


Evaluate ANNUALLY how your pastor and staff are compensated.  Set up their salary, housing, ministry expenses, and benefits in a manner that best blesses your ministers!  Set this up in manner you would want the church to set it up if your were the minster on staff (Luke 6:31; Matthew 7:12).


Is the church doing its very best this year?  Will the church do its very best next year?  when was the last time you gave your pastor and staff a salary increase or added a benefit?  Did you know that if your pastor has not received a salary increase for the last 5 years THEY HAVE 6.6% LESS (this is the sum of the cost of living increases since 2015) spending power than they did just five years ago even thought eh actual dollar amount has remained unchanged? (1 Timothy 5:17)


Show appreciation to your pastor and staff.  Bless them!  Provide for them and their family.


We have some hard copies of the Guidestone Compensation Guide at the Piedmont Okefenokee Baptist Association office.